ALBERTO HAUSS, Jahrgang 54, ist als Komponist und Produzent in der Popmusik seit Jahren bekannt. Er hatte zahlreiche Top10 Hits mit dem Projekt U96, Chocolate und anderen bekannten Künstlern wie Aretha Franklin, Oliver Cheatham und Anderen. Im Moment arbeitet er an verschiedenen Crossover-Projekten wie F.R.E.U.D., Elysia, Elena oder Terra del Sol. Er arbeitet mit seiner Musikproduktionsfirma MATIZ im eigenen Studio in dem auch der Sound von U96 und Terra del Sol entstand. In verschiedenen kreativen Gruppierungen mit Musikern aus der ganzen Welt, verbindet er klassische Elemente und Naturinstrumente mit moderner Elektronik zu seinem bekannten Supersound, der auch schon in 5.1-Surround-Technik zu hören ist.
Alberto HAUSS and Jeff WYCOMBE started writing and producing in the mid 80's.
Their first success was with latin dance acts like CHOCOLATE and MYSTIC, house and soull legend O. CHEATHAM or BEATS 4 YOU.
After thee success uf U96, das boot, they produced with irish singer Cora o'Donnovan the band F.R.E.U.D for the US-market. Remixes for Aretha FRANKLIN, STING/Schoener and Diana ROSS, followed, not to forget songwriting for CULTUR BEAT, BOYTRONIC, Dana WINNER, and ATC.
With the new member Clyde WARD and Glenn PAYNE they founded matiz uk with associated seed studios after second freud album and the new age project ELYSIA (one of the first 5.1 dvd mixes at galaxy studios belgium) started with co producer Clyde Ward and their background of latin influenced music and euroopean club style, the project TERRA DEL SOL.
 A brief discography of Alberto Hauss:
(1988 writers + producers)
Get Down Saturday Night - top 20 Germany
(1989 w + p)
It's Not Over - top 30 in Germany and France
(1989 w + p)
Ritmo De La Noche - which became a dance classic all over Europe and South America, with over two million copies sold wordl-wide. Top 20 in Germany with Chocolate version, #1 in Spain with Mystic'c version. Gold in France with Lorca's version, Belgium and Spain. #4 un Portugal, top 10 in The Netherlands (Mystic). There have been over 30 cover versions of dhis "Evergreen".
U96 ( 1992 w + p) Das Boot - #1 in Germany (13 weeks at the top), Switzerland, Austria, Israel, Norway, #9 in France, #18 in England, Gold in Switzerland and Austria. Platinum in Germany, more than two million records sold world-wide
MYSTIC ( 1991 w) Yo Te Quiero - #1 in Spain, Top 10 in Portugal
MYSTIC ( 1990 w) Ritmo De La Noche - #1 in Spain Gold Disc, #4 in Portugal, Top 10 in The Netherlands
MYSTIC (1995 w +p) Spirit of Ibiza #1 Radio Airplay Record in Brazil, Portugal
MYSTIC (1996 w + p) Viva El Verano - #1 Radio Airplay Record in Brazil
AUTOMAT (1998 w + p) dreiklangdimensionen (with german elektro band rheingold)
FREUD ( 1999 w + p) Time Passengers (US album release)
ELYSIA (2000 w + p) Spirit of the Earth
FREUD (2000 w + p) Voices of Moona (with Sally Oldfield)
TERRA DEL SOL (w + p) selection1
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